Thursday, November 2, 2017

Updates and Plans

The year is almost over which is something I really cannot wrap my head around. What a weird year 2017 was, and I had gone in imagining it would be one of the bests. I scrolled down to January, which was fairly quick since I have hardly blogged this year. Eleven months and nine posts, quite a pathetic performance I might add. 

Life got in the way, as it usually does, but wasn't really lived very well either. You know, when a tragedy hits you and you wade through it, you're left with a false sense of security that anything else that life may throw your way would be a piece of cake in comparison. But I couldn't have been more wrong. The mundane problems, the adult realities of life, are so much worse to tackle. Dying friendships, money struggles, job politics, each one a small bite, until one day you wake up and realize a large chunk of you is missing. 

I planned to read 48 books this year and Goodreads has ingratiatingly informed me that I can still do it! Except, I'm 15 books behind. Of course it's not about the numbers, but I can feel it in my bones - I haven't been reading, or worse writing, like I used to, and it's affected my curiosity and creativity. I feel drained all the time and the worst is this: I have lost that bubbling enthusiasm in my teaching, I hardly go to class with a crazy smile anymore and no longer pore over children's books with the eagerness of a ten-year-old avoiding studies. 

There isn't a lot of time left to fix this year's numbers, but I have done it before. So I'm going on a personal readathon (without a goal in numbers) and planning to bookworm my way into the new year, feeling much happier than I am right now. And of course, blogging must go hand in hand with reading, as it has for the past (how many would you say) seven years! 


Deepika Ramesh said...

I am cheering on for you, Priya. I hope the year-end readathon would give you satisfaction and revive your creativity and enthusiasm. I love this phrase -- you are going to be okay. More love to you!

Delia (Postcards from Asia) said...

Hi Priya. Sorry to hear you've had a rough year. I was surprised as well to see how fast the time has gone by and how much has happened and most of that not really good.
I really don't like the Goodreads challenge. It irritates me that I have to reach a reading goal, as if reading were some kind of marathon that must be completed no matter what. Who cares if I read 15 or 55 books? It gives me the feeling that quantity is more important than quality and that's not something I want, especially in reading.

Priya said...

Deepika, thank you. Hearing from you always makes me feel better. :)

Delia, I know, the race for numbers can be annoying. But the challenge helps me keep track of reads, and the number just struck me as surprising because I hadn't realized how little I was reading - this is when it sunk in. I kind of managed to overlook it so far. But again, you're right, quality over quantity. As long as I'm reading again, completing the challenge is not really important.

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