Thursday, July 25, 2013

Language Freak Summer Challenge

The Language Freak Summer Challenge is hosted here. It ends at the end of August, so I'm joining in somewhat late.

The goal is to read books in any foreign language you know, and review them in that language. A little bit about the languages I do speak: My mother tongue is Marathi, which is an Indian language. I also speak Hindi and of course, most books I read are in English. Neither of these counts as a 'foreign language'. That language, for me, would be German; I've been learning it for four years, give or take. I have reviewed many German books on this blog, some of which I actually read in German too. But I've never really written a review in German, so this seems like a good chance to try that!

Of course,  I can't wait to read what other German reviewers write, either. The German books that I have lined up to read include one by Cornelia Funke and another by Joseph Roth. If you're a foreign language learner, make sure to check out this challenge!


Harish P I said...

Hm... Great challenge. Best of luck.

Unknown said...

Great, thanks for making an introductory post, Priya! Writing a review in a foreign language can actually be a lot of fun, at least I enjoy it :) We currently have 2 reviews for German books submitted for the challenge, so be sure to check July wrap-up post when it goes live :) Good luck with the challenge! I've subscribed to your post, so I will not miss anything you'll post for the challenge.

Priya said...

Ekaterina - Thanks! I'll stop by to read the reviews, the ones I can, anyway and get started on that first book! It's great to be part of this challenge.

Amy said...

Looking forward to another German reader's reviews! :)

Priya said...

Amy - My review is coming up soon enough, better late than never, I suppose!

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