Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fiction Writing workshop

We started with writing a sentence and wrapped up with a little story. They told us to set a goal - "what do you want from this workshop?", he said. In fact, he told us to write it down and make sure, later, that we reach our goals. When you write a blog, and soon learn, that people other than your sisters actually read and like it, it's a good feeling. Isn't it? It felt a thousand times better, when the guy said that mine was the perfect character sketch.
Being a writer, he told us, is about letting go of your inhibitions; not worrying, what others would think. It sounded a bit too dramatic for me. A writer is essentially someone who writes. Yet, I've never written an embarrassing story about myself with quite as many details as I did that day. And when everyone started laughing, I knew they weren't laughing at me, they were laughing at the funny story.
I couldn't possibly write everything he said; and I wasn't one of those people, either, who literally jotted down every single thing that came out of his mouth, their eyes squinting and mouths twisted in concentration. What I can tell is, that this blog might just see a little more of what I label the 'random', non-bookish posts! There. I said it, I want to write a book, someday.


SS said...

And on that day, I will be the first one to read it.

Priya said...

You'll probably have to read it before too!


When do we get to read it ?

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