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Do you read one book at a time?

I just realized, that I've gone an entire two months without taking part in a single meme!
Follow Friday is a weekly bookish meme hosted at Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. This week's question is:
Do you read one book at a time or do you switch back and forth between two or more?
I used to read one book at a time earlier. But now, I am usually reading two or three books at time. Especially when one of the books is huge and I know is going to take a lot of time to finish. Right now, for instance, I am reading Anna Karenina, which is huge, and The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe. I also read different books from multiple genres, so I don't get bored. You know, if I am not in the mood to read a science fiction book at a certain point of time, I switch to a mystery, and back again!
What about you? Do you prefer reading just one book at a time?

Time to change.

We spend our entire lives concerned only about those things near and dear to us. Not everyone can become a social worker, and not everyone should. I don't want to preach social values, I'm hardly the kind of person who has the right to do that. There are so many aspects of our society that we know need to be changed or refined; be it education, health, religion. We all know it, but we do nothing about it; simply because it doesn't affect us. And I don't think there is anything wrong with that, either.

I hardly gave animal rights a thought, till someone called a dog-catcher to capture the very lovable strays in our area. Though I never really fancied our education system, I didn't feel like changing it, until I suffered from the mental pressure it put on me. I never thought about changing the despicable traffic in our country, till I lost my father to a car accident.

A while after my father's accident, I was with my mother at a bank, where she had to take care …

Do you lend your books?

I am unnaturally possessive about all the things I own as it is, and more so about my growing book collection. Which is why I am increasingly reluctant to lend my books to other people.

My mom used to tell me that sharing my books with other people ought to make me happier than keeping them forever enclosed in a bookcase. Reading is what books are meant for, after all. Which is true, but you can imagine my reaction, when a brand new book that I really love is returned to me with dog-eared pages; or fingerprints and coffee stains on the cover; or a very battered spine. It's just very irritating, how carelessly people handle books. I am finally beginning to understand, why my sister never let me anywhere near her books, back when I was a very clumsy kid. Not to mention, there are those people who just simply forget to return your books.
The only thing stopping me from making this huge bookshelf in our living room, which I have wanted for years, is the fact that everyone who comes o…

Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll

Does it ever really happen that we are given a real second chance?
Another turn to bat, a few magical feet more to skid before we hit the wall and ruin everything?
No, in real life that didn't happen.

Summary: Cullen James is a young woman who lives in New York with her family. In her dreams, though, she lives in the magical land of Rondua, where she journeys with a boy called Pepsi and a bunch of talking animals, on a quest to find the Bones of the Moon. The dreamland, seemingly amazing, soon appears to be taking over Cullen's life, as reality and fantasy begin to dangerously interweave.
My thoughts: Between reading Anna Karenina and a book of essays by Oscar Wilde, I started missing good ol' fantasy fiction; which is why I decided to read this book and I am so glad I did. The only other book that I've read by Jonathan Carroll is The Land of Laughs, and while it was really great, this one is just something else.
The book is wonderful, and just the right amount of touchi…

An Untimely Love by Tendai Huchu

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.

About the book: An Untimely Love is a thriller-romance novel published in 2010, written by Zimbabwean author Tendai Huchu. It's basically a combination of suspense, mystery, romance and a dash of terror! You can buy it here.

Summary: An Untimely Love is the story of a suicide bomber, Khalid Patel, who, like the title suggests, falls in love at just the wrong time. The terrorist is caught between fulfilling his mission and saving his new marriage.

"Love can find us in the most unusual of circumstances. This is what happens to Khalid Patel, a terrorist, when he falls in love with Smokey, a feisty and independent young woman who was to be Britain's first female suicide bomber. On what is meant to be his day of martyrdom, his violent worldview is thrown into turmoil. We share his thoughts as Death and Duty become irrevocably and movingly entwined with Love and Life."
My thoughts: Suicide isn't as e…

How do you rate books?

While reviewing books, I have always had a problem with coming up with a good rating system, that I can follow irrespective of the genre, type, size and author of the book. I mostly just follow the Goodreads system.
It goes like this: 1 star: Didn't like it 2 stars: It was okay 3 stars: Liked it 4 stars: Really liked it 5 stars: It's amazing
I don't find it sufficient though. For one, it is very relative. I may give a 5-star rating to 11.22.63 by Stephen King as well as The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde; not that the books are in any way comparable or equal. I thought they were both amazing in their own ways; what I don't get is how to convey this "in its own way" through a rating!
Consider the example of a review copy; where I know it's the author's first attempt at getting published. I have certain expectations from the book and when the book fulfills those expectations almost entirely, I give it a 4-star rating; because I do really like it. T…

How To Write a Good Book Review

Let me make it clear that just because the title reads "how to..." doesn't mean I consider myself some sort of an expert on writing book reviews. In reality, I am not even close to mastering it. I am writing this post merely to express what I consider to be a good book review and to state a couple of things (literally) that I try to keep in mind while writing book reviews; not to mention, get your views on the topic!
1. Avoid Spoilers! It took me a long time to learn how to summarize books without accidentally including spoilers. Personally, finding out the suspense or a plot twist doesn't really affect my reading experience much. But I know people who are entirely capable of holding life-long grudges because you accidentally told them who dies at the end of Harry Potter.
There is one thing related to this that irritates me very much, and that is a spoiler alert! Something written in the background colour, which can't be read unless it is highlighted; or in some c…