Monday, April 18, 2011

*Long pause*

I was sitting quietly at my desk listening to some music when this girl showed up out of nowhere and settled herself next to me. After a while, it became impossible to ignore the face that I could see smiling at me from the corner of my eye. I yanked out my earphones and gave her a polite smile. I found myself involuntarily cringing, fearing what was about to come next. The painful conversation lasted for about five minutes, with only a series of "hmm-s" and "ya-s" contributed by me. After the longest pause in the history of time, the very nice and friendly girl gave me the most withering look she could manage, and left. I returned to my music, after this near daily drill. She really was nice, believe me, that's what I thought too. At the beginning. When she finally finished answering, in excruciating detail, the one question I managed to come up with, however, I wasn't quite sure about that. If only she didn't talk so much...

Someone asked me yesterday why I never talk. And today, someone asked me if I was scared of them. I plastered a meek smile on my face, and mumbled the usual, "I'm just shy. I don't even talk to my friends!"

Now, the first part is true. I really am shy and I have the social skills of a hamster(who happens to be a very shy animal). This might seem a little strange considering how much I have been blogging lately. No, actually, a blog adds just the finishing touch to my 'image'.

Anyway. I am the girl who can't think of what to say to babies.
If you're a baby, and you happen to look at me; I'll display an alarmed expression for the tiniest fraction of a second, before I quickly adjust it to resemble a smile, but not before I mutter an unintelligible 'uh-oh'. Then I'll pointedly look in every other direction but yours. Still, it's easier with babies. Babies can't 'small-talk'.
If you're not a baby, I will try to be a little more interactive.

Just one little tip for all you nice and friendly people out there, (as they say), some silences are best left unbroken.


SS said...


Rika said...

I'm shy too that's why I blog :D coz what I wud otherwise never be able to say to my friends or in front of an audience is what I have on my blog...thank god for ppl like us that blogs were invented or I wudn't know what we wud do with all the vented up emotions and ideas brewing in our heads...anyways i like to think of it this way: its mostly creative geniuses who're shy and our blogs speak for us..gr8 post!!!

Harish P I said...

lol.. my case is half similar. i never start a conversation. if it is started, it is bit difficult to stop me.

Priya said...

@SS Lol :)
@Rads I know what you mean!! Writing is a great way to get express without actually having to interact with anybody!! Thanks :)
@Harish That's better though, isn't it!?

Unknown said...

I get the same familiar feeling and often use the same cliche excuse :D

(Just wondering, are most of bloggers shy)

roo"kie-run" said...

I usually am not my free self with relatives (who usually think i am shy), but extra zealous when it comes to frnds !

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