Saturday, April 2, 2011

Duet - Illustration

Well, a duet doesn't necessarily have to mean a pair of singers, right? It can also be just a pair.

My attempt at drawing the kind of thing I would rarely attempt to draw! I can point out many technical errors myself, but as this took only a matter of minutes, and as I was able to draw hands that actually looked like hands; have pity on me, and don't point them out. That would be very nice!

I wish I had a scanner to scan stuff, than having to take photos all the time (I never realize where the light is supposed to be; behind, on top of, next to(?) the camera!) And then I have to edit the stupid thing with my even more awesome editing skills!!

Another Illustation Friday entry for 'Duet'.


N said...

pretty x)

Priya said...

Thanks! :)

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