Sunday, February 27, 2011

Autumn - Illustration

It is too hot now; you can feel the sun burning up your skin. I don't feel like getting out of the house these days! And the nights are strangely cold and humid. It's like a combination of the worst weathers possible. Weatherman on strike, maybe. I want some good ol' climate back. Something pleasant like autumn, maybe. I can just picture it!

Leaves fall off the branches and swarm up around your feet, dry and crumpled. And it's as if the earth is covered with a huge brown blanket. I love the sound of the leaves crackling under your feet as you walk, just as much as I love the smell of fresh paint, or the feeling you get when you tear paper! There is something very uniquely artsy about autumn. And the outside of your house; okay maybe not the 'just outside', starts looking like a picture right out of a fairytale!

An Illustration Friday entry after a long, long time - though it is a bit of a stretch with the theme. But works for me; of course, it's the 'them' that it may not work for!

(The first image was borrowed from here)


Rika said...

wow! loved the artwork n yes autumn is truly artsy...although i'm dreaming about summer more than autumn...can't wait to get rid of the moldy snow days :D

Harish P I said...

nice illustration..

Priya said...

@rads Ah, but I bet your summer is way cooler than my summer!! I can wish for autumn, but I can only dream of snow, here! :( Thanks!! :D

@Harish Thanks!! :)

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