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Happy Diwali :)

Diwali is a time for celebration. It's a time when people just cannot resist bursting fire crackers. I guess it's sort of a tradition. But do I even need to write the harmful effects that these crackers have to both the environment and our health? Doesn't everyone know them already?

I was never really fond of bursting crackers. They were far too scary. Soon my father gave up trying to turn me into a normal, likes-bursting-crackers kind of kid, and my mother decided that we were better off without the pollution, anyway. That was ages ago. And now, if I did burst crackers, all I'd end up with is a bunch of very terrified pet kittens. Of course, it might be harder to stop for those who somehow happen to like the sparks and the noises. So, obviously, I shouldn't be making judgments.

Let's just say, we should be willing to reduce just a bit of our fun for a good cause. I know many people who have. You could start by bursting those crackers that emit less smoke or make…